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A powerful song in the image of the importance of traditions

Tradivan (Caravan / Misirlou)

A travel in the middle of Oriental culture and musical history

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My music

Album "Going Overseas"

I am happy to present you my CD
"Going Overseas"
wrote on my world travel.

Demos of the album "Going Overseas"

The authentic demos of "Going Overseas" recorded during my travel (in my van, on the beach, at friends) + Bonus

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My pictures

The last world trip I have made remains to be my main inspiration for my compositions. I have been influenced by the lovely people I met either in Sri Lanka or New Zealand and by the outstanding landscapes of the desert in Dubaï and also by the beauties of the ocean in Thaïland. It is difficult to transcribe those wonderful discoveries I made and that have influenced me forever. This is why I share with you my pictures for this unique experience via my Flickr.

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That's me

Farid Ben Miles - Cartoon

This is with real excitement that I welcome you in my world! This journey is conducted with the acoustic sounds of my guitar telling you the stories of my travels.

Full of beautiful landscapes in my head and unforgettable people in my heart, I want to share with you the beauty of going overseas (photos displayed all along this website). Most of the time, I travelled just with my feet stuck at the same place but with my ears full of music. But recently, I enjoyeda world travel with just a backpack and my guitar. This has been life changing...

With only the use of an acoustic guitar, I take you in a “travelling by ear” experience and I hope communicating youthe love I have for our World.Asia, North Africa, Occident are just a part of where you will find yourself dreaming.

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Guitar Tabs and Lessons

Guitar Tabs

I am currently working on the tabs of the CD "Going Overseas". I will notify you when they are availablle on the Newsletter.


Feel free to email me and we can set up some private lessons (Skype or face to face, depending on where we are on the planet).

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