Who is Farid?

Farid Ben Miles - Busking
Dresden - 2015

"You don't know where you're going until you know where you have been" - Unknown

Traveling has been my life since forever, and even before myself. My parents were born in Algeria and are both from the Berber family. One of the most famous groups of Berbers is named the Tuareg who are known, among other things, for travelling and living in the desert of the Sahara. But they are just a small part of this big family...

Originally from the Maghreb (at least 10,000 BC), the Berbers expanded on the south to inhabit the whole Western North Africa and even more (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Mali, Niger, and Mauretania). Connections with the Scandinavians (Sami people) have even been found. The importance of the Berber culture in Arabic world is such that they are often miscalled Arabs. But beware if you do, they will have a pleasure reminding you the differences.=)

"Youth smiles without any reason. It is one of its chiefest charms." - Thomas Gray

So this is almost unsurprisingly that my parents also moved from their birthplace: I was then born in the suburb of Paris. I grew up in a mixed environment between the French culture and the Arab-Berber culture: I was studying classical music in school and I was dancing on Oriental music at home (well, maybe not so much).

After graduating in high school, I went to study engineering in Troyes and this was a key time of my life where I expanded my vision of the Occidental culture. Maintaining my classical guitar studies, I opened myself to a new world playing the electric guitar in so many possible facets : rock, blues, funk, fusion, jazz, pop, experimental. Entering the big band of the university was a big part of it giving me the possibility to work every semester with a professional musician (Nicolas Genest, Daniel Casimir, Alexis Torres, Olivier Sens). This was such a chance than sometimes I almost forgot I was in the school studying IT engineering.

Actually, I was not always there in Troyes during my studies. I have been an exchange student in New Orleans, an intern in Boston, and a researcher in London. Obviously, I always took the opportunity to join both my studies and my passion. I have been busking in the streets of London, studying the guitar in the rooms of Berklee with David Fiuczinsky and I graduated in Music Management and Art Marketing in the University of New Orleans.

Finally, I completed my engineering school and followed the path of the "classical" working life. I was one of those you can see everyday following each other in La Défense, major business district in Paris. But there is also an amazing art life there. So, I kept myself involved in the music life in Paris and in France performing in several scenarios from Rap to Jazz and from bands to movie soundtracks. Those experiences offered me the chance to play traditional music from middle-age occidental to Persian or even Indian folklore by learning the Oud and the Bouzouki. In the meantime, I graduated from the American School of Modern Music (Berklee French antenna).

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all" - Aristote

After 4 years working in Paris for world leading IT and financial auditing companies, I said enough! Those years were very strenuous for my peace of mind. I decided to take off the suit and to offer myself time to put things into perspective. I travelled only with a backpack and a guitar through Asia, North Africa, Oceania, and Occident. And I have been overwhelmed by the beauties of nature and by the warm-heartedness of some people. These impacted my life forever!

Farid Ben Miles - Portrait
Photo by Welten Helden

During this travel, I have learned more things than schools or jobs have ever taught me (and which are fundamental in life, I believe.) At my corporate times, I was starting to feel angry about everything in this world and believing that everything was getting wrong. But I can proudly say that there is Love everywhere around us! We need to keep ourselves opened to others and I know this can be really difficult when submerged by the constraints of our modern world. Simple things can participate in our happiness. And caring about others is one of the fundamental keys. Giving all my heart when playing became a crucial goal I always challenge myself to achieve.

My music is the result of the fundamental lessons drawn from my life which I share with jubilation. I hope this communicates my lifetime experience to show you the beauty of "going overseas". It is not possible to always travel and the music has always been my conveyance for the mind like pictures can be too. As I am better expressing myself through music, I invite you to listen to my compositions. You can also enjoy the different pictures of my travels on my Flickr account. Finally, I will share with you the words of the farseeing philosopher Plato which mean very much to me:

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."

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